Utilizing acoustic transducers it perhaps conceivable to make a little district of thicker air under a zeppelin and utilize that fix as a foundation of air to drift on while blowing very somewhat low strain air under the dirigible like an air cushion vehicle. Albeit this thought seems like a remote chance it very well may be finished by utilization of a screen, which shoots the coordinated recurrence waves into the waves made by the acoustic Acoustic Screens transducers. As a matter of fact it perhaps conceivable to put the acoustic transducers on posts, which drape down from the dirigible and right beneath that place a screen which carries out underneath the zeppelin. The wave obstruction once airborne permit the utilization the thicker air which is made through arrangement of the air atoms as opposition for the low tension air blown against it. Any thicker air, which is pushed down or away from the dirigible as it moves will openly course through the enormous openings in the screen.


What’s the point to make a dirigible drift more straightforward? Since you want less volume of lighter than air gas to drift the dirigible. Meaning your airplane can be more modest and more flexibility. Likewise it takes into consideration more streamlined choices with respect to shape in this manner higher velocities can be gotten.

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